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All or Nothing - author Denysé Bridger and her dangerous Greek hero #WRWBuzz

It's a real pleasure to welcome Canadian author Denysé Bridger to the World Romance Writers blog today. Denysé is part of the WRW international group of authors, and she's here today to tell us about her story for our Letterbox Love Letters anthology - coming soon!

Great to meet you, Denysé!

Please introduce yourself in a few words.
 I’m a much published, award winning author who writes in many genres, and over the years I’ve experimented with lots of styles. Apart from a multitude of styles, you can be guaranteed there is always a touch of romance, passion, and fantasy in anything I write. My heroes are solid, driven alpha men who are willing to do whatever it takes to win the heroine’s heart and trust, while my heroines are strong, emotionally courageous women who put their hearts on the line for the men they love. Passionate, honorable characters drive my stories, in whatever genre you find them in.

What genre do you write, Denysé?
I write in almost every genre, except sci-fi. There are a couple of sub-genres I’d like to try, but I can’t quite get the hang of it, so I’ll leave them to people who have the gift of writing them. I’ve become a lot less cross-genre in recent years, so the primary sub-genres that have emerged for me are historical (Old West and Victorian), and contemporary romantic suspense. I have two pretty detailed paranormal novels outlined, so who knows, there might be a journey back to that genre someday in the future, too.

Beautiful Greece (Image courtesy of Pixabay)
Please tell us about your story for the Letterbox Love Stories anthology.  

I chose a contemporary setting for All or Nothing, and set it mid-1999 because I wanted it to tie back to the Vietnam conflict, but not be dominated by the war. Greece has been the site of many of my favourite romances, and the country is so beautiful and filled with rich history. Lots of small islands surround it, so I chose to make a fictional one the location. All or Nothing is a story about how the past can lead us to our futures in unexpected ways. A letter left behind and discovered after a tragedy reveals a past the heroine had no knowledge of, and when she chooses to see her aunt’s old love has some closure to their dreams of being together, she meets a man who’s also haunted by their past… but is not so accepting of it.

Why did you choose this setting?
I love Greece, it’s romantic, beautiful, and the history and culture is timeless. Everyone who knows me knows I’m in love with Italy and always have been, but Greece is like another world for me. The first romances I read were often set in Greece, I used to pour over back covers in the romance section of the book store, hunting specifically for stories set in Greece. This is the first time I’ve set a story there myself, though. I don’t think it will be the last.

Image courtesy of Pixabay
Where is your favourite place in the world?
Home in Canada these days. I’ve longed to see Italy since I was a kid, but I know it’s not going to happen. I am very happy these days to live exactly where I do, in my family home on the East Coast. It’s beautiful, the weather is ever-changing, and for the most part, the pace and people are wonderful.

What is your idea of the perfect holiday?
That’s a tough one, it’s so different for everyone. For me, I guess the perfect holiday would be one where I could see museums, historical places, and mingle with the real people of the places I was visiting. Ideally, I’d love to visit just about everywhere in Italy, listen to the language spoken, sample the food. Ultimately, a perfect holiday would be one that lifted your spirits, enriched your soul, and left you smiling long after you were back home…

What sources do you use for inspiration in your writing?
Everything around me is an inspiration for writing. I hear bits of conversation from people, and they spark ideas. Images are an endless source of inspiration and ideas. Everything we experience, visually, emotionally, audibly, all of it is food for inspiration if you just listen closely and let your imagination loose.
Image courtesy of Pixabay

What do you do when you aren’t writing?
I tend to read a lot, or listen to music. I used to walk in the local historical park, but I’m waiting for knee surgery at the moment, and it means I don’t get out much anymore. Walking has become a painful thing, sadly. Leaves me a lot more time to write and read, or bake–another thing I absolutely love to do–so I’m at a very quiet and calm place in my life these days.

Where do you write, and why does that spot work for you?
I can write anywhere. I don’t need a special spot. I’ve written whole chapters of books sitting in hospital waiting rooms, at a picnic table in the park, even sitting in my car. All I need is a notebook and pen and I’m in business.

If you had to marry someone from film, books, or television, who would that be?
I have no clue. I don’t think there is anyone who intrigues me to that extent.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Absolutely. I think for some people, they recognize whatever it is that pulls people together very quickly. For others, those who overthink it or are afraid for a variety of often logical reasons, it takes a while to build trust and security. But, yes, I’ve always believed in love at first sight…

Here is the blurb for All or Nothing:
Casino Coranthos is a playground for wealthy, bored people, but for some, it’s also a place where dreams and promises change lives forever. When a letter becomes part of an unexpected inheritance for Ryann Thomson, her aunt’s past brings her face to face with Ariston Katsaros, a man haunted by loss and driven by anger. As the attraction between them sizzles and grows, can Ryann convince him she isn’t looking to rob him or his father of anything, or will she become a casualty of Ari’s vengeance? In this dangerous game of all or nothing, her heart is at stake as well as her future happiness…

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What beautiful photos, Denysé. We can see why you chose Greece as your setting. And we love the premise of your story - can't wait to read it!

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